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Hiro Chrome Episode 1: The Bonds that Bind

Hiro Chrome is an episodic, sci-fi adventure story that I will be using as a way to practice writing and to just have some fun. I will be shooting for an episode a month. I hope you enjoy!

The grass was still. There was no wind. He sat cross-legged in the open plain, listening to the footsteps approaching in the distance. They were quiet, nearly silent, but his augs picked them up and fed him the relevant data. Someone large, heavy. His augs also picked up the electrical currents being generated by the approaching figure, whom he could now see peaking over the hilly horizon. These currents were translated and, again, fed into his mind. Wetware mostly, chemical controls and enzyme production. He tried to let the information pass through his processors. He needed to focus.
All around Hiro, the landscape was empty. In the distance, to the South, the roofs of a small village could be seen. This place had been his home for the last few weeks as he recovered, the owner of a small inn taking …

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